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Partners: ever thought about registering at the SAP EcoHub?

If you've attended the European CWG conference, and if you've listened to Michael Zarges' presentation on day one really well, then this post is probably old news for you. 

But if you haven't, here's the grand, mindboggingly cool idea: Let's have a place for the CWG on SAP's market, the SAP EcoHub.

Why is this idea so mindboggingly cool? (btw major parts of this idea actually comes from David Silverman - thanks!).

High Road, Low Road, or No Road???

By now, you should have subscribed to Phil Martin's newsletter... You did subscribe right??? If not, go here;


Not that long ago, Phil released his first newsletter.. In which he was really kind to me... I think it's just because I structured my last 2 Marco presentations so that he'd win beer, but that's another topic...


At any rate, he got me thinking...


Learn Variant Configuration - new Newsletter

Learn Variant Configuration

Hi all,

Normally when blogging I blog more as an individual than as my company Radiant Think.  But in recent times the company focus is moving to the training aspects of SAP Variant Configuration and largely in the "downunder" part of the world in Australia and New Zealand.

But one thing we are starting up that can be shared by anyone is a monthly newsletter called Learn Variant Configuration.

Name That Presentation - European Style..

Just found out that I will be in Berlin... Looking forward to an interesting conference...


As I've done in the past, I thought I'd ask if there is anything in particular the attendees at Berlin might like to hear me ramble on about.


I do have some time constraints between now and then, so it would really be easiest for lazy old me if I presented something I've already got done... But I'm open to new ideas too..