ECM & Gold Clients

Well, if you attended the Marco Island conference, you heard me get a tiny bit beat up on the use of ECM. Read on to find out some of the details and what I'd like to hear about from you!!

So, this year in Marco, I presented what you asked me for... With a twist... While I gave you the stuff called out in my blog here; I snuck in a couple of folks from the other regions of the world that have Steelcase presences;

Steelcase at CWG


So we had a little bit of fun...and part of that was presenting how many changes we made here at Steelcase as part of a fun facts slide;


Which generated a little conversation... But it really got neat at the end of the day during the "Ask the Experts" conversation..

See, I made some comments around ECM responding to a question and got treated to a comment about our "overuse of ECM".... Which I found interesting as the use cases were not even discussed... And I won't get into it here, but suffice it to say, there is a specific use case (which you can find in the doc share here) ;



So I got back to my little corner of Michigan and got involved in a conversation about Gold Clients.... And got dinged again because I asked a simple question... How do these changes (valid or not) get kept in sync??? Think about it... 500 changes a week....Thats 100 a day....almost 13 per hour..

Which got some heads scratching.... And got me yet another task....

Namely to ask all of you folks.... Is there anybody out there with the types of volumes shown in the fun facts for North America (NA) that uses a gold client approach??

If so, we want to talk to you!!!

So either post it here as a comment or send me an email at;

Thanks a bunch!!