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North German CWG Chapter

Hello VC folks in north of Germany,

A new CWG chapter starts on November 26th in Hamburg.
We would like to build a new chapter in the north of Germany and invite you, as a SAP customer, to be part of it.

Are you interested in sharing knowledge and information around VC?
Would you like to extend your network with people who are nearby?

In case of 'yes' , do not hesitate to register for this first chapter meeting.

Here the facts about it

What LO-VC Topics Would YOU like to see presented at a CWG Conference?

If you've been following the conversation in my blog post titled "CWG Observations" you might have noticed a theme. Namely that there is not as much presentation material for LO-VC topics as "some people" (OK, me) think there should be.

Some of the comments I've received via email have suggested some topics. I'd like to make them public as well as have a place where you can comment about what you'd like to see.

CWG Observations

The flight back from Europe is a long one.. Granted, not as far as coming back from Asia!

The time on the plane does give a person an excuse to think...

It's been a while since I've written anything here, so I thought, what the heck, let me express my thoughts on the plane in written form... Here..

My thinking was all about where the CWG has been, my somewhat warped perception of where we are now, and my even more warped perception of what I'd like to see us do in the future..

Have you seen the news?

Ah, sometimes it's good to be the king...... Wait, I'm not.... But that wonderful line from "History Of The World" always comes to mind when I find out I'm wrong...


I know, it's a warped sense of thinking, but hey, that's me!! I'm sure it has nothing to do with the 1970's.... At any rate....


In this particular case, it comes down to SAP's press release on the maintenance agreement for Business Suite 7 (including ECC 6.0)... If you haven't seen it, go here;

Is There BEER In Your Future?

Hello out there in CWG blogosphere... It seems kind of.... well.... Lonely in the blogosphere... Ah well.... Who knows what mysteries hide in the hearts of configuration professionals.... And more importantly, why they don't write more "stuff" for you to read... I guess I'll just have to step in and fill that void...


A couple of years ago I got told that while reading the portal, an employees boss peered over her shoulder..... And then asked "what's with all the BEER this Schneider guy talks about? Is THAT all that gets discussed at the CWG conferences?"


Research on "VC on HANA": care to answer a short survey? Interested in more?


Brief summary: we need your help in finding the most important performance bottlenecks in VC. With this help, we can look at the right places to apply HANA technology and make VC faster. We've created a survey for this, and we'd want to you spend a few minutes answering it.

I still remember that CWG presentation where the presenter stated that VC takes a minute for each roundtrip with their model, and somebody from a competitor company in the audience shouted "What? so little?"...