High Road, Low Road, or No Road???

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Not that long ago, Phil released his first newsletter.. In which he was really kind to me... I think it's just because I structured my last 2 Marco presentations so that he'd win beer, but that's another topic...


At any rate, he got me thinking...


Then came the whole thread about high versus low level config (well, actually 2 threads);




And that got me thinking again...

Always about "should I write a blog entry?? If so, about what? Does anyone even care?"

I know you don't want to hear about how much time it takes, but the reality is, without your feedback about wheteher or not the content is valuable to you, I don't (personally) see the point of writing a blog anymore..

Comments on blog posts are few and far between... Typically made by the same few people..Which tells me (the writer) that not many people care..

So, lemme know...

Shoudl I write? How will I know you are looking? And if the material is valuable to you or not?? Heck even what you want to hear about??


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