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Social networking in a CWG World

Do you have a LinkedIn account? How about Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc??? If you have an acccount on any of these social applications, have you looked around for anything to do with the profession you are in?

I realize that many  people believe that there is a line between work and social networking. I wonder just how large that chasm is? Do you ever go out to social activities with people you work with? Probably..Why is there that much of a difference between an offline and online social presence?

Your 2009 CWG Goals?

Well, here we are in 2009. We made it through 2008, which was no small accomplishment right?

Happy New Year to you and yours!!

 Have you fully recovered from the New Years parties? Made all your resolutions?

Me, I don't make resolutions. I prefer goals...Why?? Goals tend to actually get done, especially if you write them down..

I typically start the process around November and end it sometime in early December. This year was like most others in that I have 4 primary types of goals;

Is there a Rightsizing in your future?

Like many others, the company I work for has recently announced some more downsizing that will happen in the next couple of months. Not surprising really, given what's going on in the overall economy. As people tend to do, we talk about it at various times during the day. One of those conversations got me back on a soapbox, and I figured why not climb it here too? After all, this can happen to anyone, in any company.

$SUM_PARTS and $COUNT_PARTS Example in the Sand Box

Hi everyone,

I have been roaming the SandBox in the last few days as I was prototyping a way to count up doors for a project I am on.  I have reached a solution for that based on some forum postings that the knowledgable Steve Schneider had contributed on using a "count" characteristic.  However I will save that for another day, as it is nearly midnight and I have to give a demo in the morning.

It's SUPER Custom Development!!

Back to comments about the latest bi-annual conference.. 

So, you have an issue with the software? It doesn't quite meet your business needs? What a drag that can be. I know, you can always customize the thing, that'll work..But what happens at upgrade? What a pain..There has to be a better way......

I know, lets hook up with some user group and tell THEM what we want. User groups have lots of power and influence right??

January 2009 Midwest CWG Chapter Meeting

We aren't having a party, but we may end up networking..

You are invited to join us at the January 2009 meeting of the Midwest US CWG Regional Chapter meeting.

Seating is limited.  

For details, including agenda, location, times, etc please see the attached "official invitation".

If you desire to attend, you must return the attached invitation to me no later than December 10, 2008.

Look forward to seeing you there!!