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Is there a Rightsizing in your future?

Has the fickle finger of fate tapped you on the shoulder? Do you even know what fathomless fate the fickle finger may be figuring for you?  

This may not be the "normal" type of commentary posted here in the CWG, but I thought it appropriate to discuss for a minute or three. Since nobody out there helps me decide what to write and after all, it's my blog, why not??

So, come take a journey with me down a path you may not have thought about, but in my somewhat humble opinion, certainly should be..


$SUM_PARTS and $COUNT_PARTS Example in the Sand Box

Hi everyone,

I have been roaming the SandBox in the last few days as I was prototyping a way to count up doors for a project I am on.  I have reached a solution for that based on some forum postings that the knowledgable Steve Schneider had contributed on using a "count" characteristic.  However I will save that for another day, as it is nearly midnight and I have to give a demo in the morning.


It's SUPER Custom Development!!

 Well, here we are again, wandering down the yellow brick road of SAP land. Wait, over there (on the right). What's that squeaky thing wandering around out in the field? It's making a lot of noise about something...Let's take a walk on the wild side and see what the heck all the fuss is about..Oh, just another group of customers with some stange notion that their requirements should be in the standard offering. What to do?? Look, up in the sky.... It's a customized bird or plane or something...