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Can we help ourselves to help ourselves?

Hi all, 

Many of the contributors and members of the CWG are experienced VC users or maintainers.  However we have a lot of members who have joined because they need to know more.  In fact we all want to know more.  One of the challenges someone new has to deal with is the SAP Help for VC.  For someone new I dont think it is that helpful as although most of the information is there it is not really well organised and lacks a focus on good design practices.

The VC/IPC Check Tool is Out!

Dear CWG,

In the last CWG conference in Marco Island I've shown you our ideas for a configuration model check tool and asked for your feedback.

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first version of this tool today. And even better: as this tool's job is to support you with your existing models, and as it only adds a single button to PME VC, we're making it available to all ERP 6.0 customers, regardless of how many Enhancement Packages you've applied.

Our PME VC Improvements Are Out!

Finally all of SAP's quality gates are behind us, and the new ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5 is released for customers and entering the ramp-up phase.

For me this means that finally, after having talked about the significant enhancements we've made to the PME VC (remotely) in Vienna already, and in Marco Island again, I can finally say: it's out, it's there for you, and if you're using ERP 6.0 you can upgrade without much trouble and (of course) free of charge to EhP5 and use the new features.

Marco Musings 2010

Home again, Home again....Jiggity jig..

If you attended the Marco Island conference this year, I hope your travels home were smooth and delay free...

And if you didn't get there...Well, you're stuck with this blog entry..