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Marco Musings 2009 Edition

Well, there we were again in Marco Island. What a sacrifice we make for our companies;The CWG returned to beautiful Marco Island yet again, and a great conference was held, hopefully for all!

If you couldn't be there, the program committee did a wonderful job of bringing together a multitude of different topics for us to consider.

And then there were the networking dinners on Monday evening;


Where does that data come from anyway??

Coming quickly to the CWG Marco Island conference, the question that burns in my mind is one that I'll be speaking on..Namely;

Where do the data objects utilized in Variant Configuration actually get sourced from?

If you design or build variant configuration structures in SAP, you must surely realize that you don't OWN any of the data you create.What you do is translate someone elses business needs into SAP data elements.

But did you ever stop to wonder if those elements had already been created and if so, where?

August 2009 Michigan Regional Chapter Meeting

Ah yes....Summer is winding down with the coldest day during August recorded in 2009..What a strange year it's been for weather..As well as the Midwest chapter...One can only wonder what winter brings..

As you may know, the 4 hour meeting of this chapter was cancelled due to low registration. That didn't stop us though!! Just like a bunch of bad pennies, a few of us gathered at Curraghs Irish Pub in Holland for a networking event.

CANCELLED!!Midwest Chapter Meeting - August 31, 2009

Updated 8/11/2009

I'm very sorry to announce that the August 2009 meeting of the CWG Midwest Regional  Chapter has been cancelled. We did not get enough registrations to justify holding the meeting. We will still be having a small Networking event later in the day\evening for those that can attend..

We hope to return to more productive meetings in the very near future.

Your CWG Midwest Chapter leadership team


Data Data Everywhere

Funny thing happened on the way to the data....

There wasn't enough of it...

I know, a picture tells a thousand stories...And is worth a thousand words.. But take a peek at my profile picture. What does it tell you about me? Everything you need to know (certainly more than I want you to know :-) )???

Why no, it doesn't tell the whole story...It takes metadata to do that..

Adding more Tabs and Buttons to the Interface

Hi there,

This maybe handy for some of you out there.  Every now and then the client will require more tabs and / or buttons than what SAP provide.  I think you can have 10 tabs and 15 buttons as standard.

But there are some SAP Notes that take through the process to allow for more.  I am not a techie, so I will list the notes that are applicable.  We have done this recently in a ECC6 system, but the same applies I think to other versions.


May Midwest Chapter Meeting Report

Yes, we were at it again...The latest meeting of the Midwest Regional Chapter was held on Monday May 4 at the Haworth facility in Holland, Michigan.

Gotta give credit where it's due, that Haworth facility is a wonderful place!! Light, open and spacious, the new headquarters building looks to be a very nice place to work, and good on the environment as well!! Kudo's to the folks at Haworth for a wonderful job!!