Hey YOU!!! Need your advice please.....

Well, here we are again... The call for Marco presentations has just gone out. I'm thinking about changing the format of how I present...

Yes, I'm considering doing something different this time (making a large assumption that I'll even BE at Marco)... Although I admit, I'm torn... Like an old sock..

For starters, see the blog entry here;



See, I prefer doing the whole crowd general presentation type of thing.... It's a hoot getting up in front of 100+ people and trying to get them engaged in a story... But a couple of things were suggested in the comments of the above blog, and again in Berlin.. I can't do them all (not enough time to prepare more than 1)...

So, the choices seem to be;

  1. ECM
  2. Classification
  3. Best Practices

Could I do all 3 in a general setting type of presentation?? Yes, but I don't think that numbers 1 or 2 (ECM or CLassification) would be as effective done that way. I'm of the opinion that #1 and 2 would be most effective as Day 2 "workshop" sessions... Although, I admit, I'd gear them towards developing a "Best Practice" in the use of whichever got presented...

So, here we go again...It's time for you to contribute to the content of the conference.. Please tell me;

  • Which of the 3 choices above you'd like to hear about the most (yes, this is a single value characteristic, with additional values allowed), OR
  • Suggest a new topic... AND
  • Determine what format you'd like your choice to be presented in (General or workshop)

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.


Till next time,