Marco Island ECM Workshop... R U REALLY Interested???

Well folks, you have made it pretty clear.... You want a conversation around Engineering Change Management... OK, That's cool.... Now let's talk about how....

I'd kind of like to do something a little different.. Not that I typically do anything like that.... But what the heck..


I got to thinking about it.. One of those random thoughts was;


Why should I just stand up in front of a bunch of folks and talk?? Why not have a little interactive learning that we can all participate in?? Better yet, why not have a real, functioning data model that you can reference AFTER the conference.... And one step further, have it be YOUR business scenario???


So, the abstract I'm thinking of submitting will be for a Day 2 workshop.... And here's the deal;


YOU will do some work in the CWG sandbox, both before the conference and DURING the workshop...In this manner you can gain a lot of hands on direct experience that you will be able to take directly back to your company and reference..


BUT..... Stay with me for a minute longer...................


This means you have to engage with me here.... !!


So here's the deal.. In order to make this work, I need YOU to do some things for me... In the following order please....

  1. Send me a "registration email" telling me you'd like to participate ( )
  2. Include in the email the business problem that you are hoping ECM can solve
  3. Build a small model in the CWG sandbox that reflects the BEGINNING (or current) state of the business problem


Then, once we get into the workshop, we will do a few things;


  1. Have a very quick overview of the differences between ECM and ECR\ECO
  2. Describe the base methods of creating and applying ECM to the different business problems
  3. Jump into the CWG Sandbox and actually create the change scenarios on YOUR models
  4. Test those scenarios to determine validity of the scenario


Now, if this sounds like something you would like to do, I need to know about it fairly quickly in order to let the program committee know what's going on...Abstract submission needs to be done no later than August 1st for me.... Cause if there isn't enough interest, I have to change direction....

So, you need to tell me if you are willing to do this NO LATER than July 27, 2012...


Got it???