Name That Presentation - European Style..

Just found out that I will be in Berlin... Looking forward to an interesting conference...


As I've done in the past, I thought I'd ask if there is anything in particular the attendees at Berlin might like to hear me ramble on about.


I do have some time constraints between now and then, so it would really be easiest for lazy old me if I presented something I've already got done... But I'm open to new ideas too..


So you folks tell me... If you're interested in listening to me talk, and want your very own chance to play the European version of "Beer or no Beer" leave a comment or send me an email...


Past presentations given at Marco, but so far not given in Europe include;

2008 – There’s No Place Like Legacy, But You Can’t Go Home Again 

2009 – Integrated Product Development, Fact or Fantasy

2010 – How Much Is That Model In The Window?

2011 – Close To The Edge, The Steelcase Journey In VC

(all the above can be seen in the document share under the year noted)

Chime in!!  But hurry, the call for presentation deadline is March 2!!!


Email is;


See you in Berlin!!