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Two Lane Highway

You see, I'm about to cancel the next West Michigan CWG Chapter meeting.

Not because I don't want to hold it, but because I can't due to other business committments. Neither can my co leader, and nobody else wants to step up to run it..

Which brings me back to the Two Lane Highway..

Any community like the CWG needs two way communication and participation.

Goin Mobile

If you're an older fart like me, you remember when The Who released the classic "Who's Next" album...Not so much for the controversy created by the album cover, but for the music the album contained...One of those tunes was a song called "Goin Mobile"..While this was  about life in the fast lane, I can't help thinking that it is even more applicable today.. 

Is the CWG's World Really Round?

Seems hard to believe that it's been almost 4 years since I wrote about the flatness of our little VC world. Time certainly flys when you're having fun...

In those 4 years, I've spent a fair amount of time talking to various folks in the far eastern portion of the globe. I must admit, when I worte the original CWG Review article (found here; ) I didn't realize just how long it would take to be realized.

January West Michigan Chapter Meeting

We met on January 19 at Steelcase. Our topics were;

External Configurators (presented by Configura)

Impacts of VC on Materials Management

PDR (Presented by Espline)

Engineering Change Management


We had one of our beter meetings  (in my opinion). Many thanks to the folks from Configura and Espline for being willing to present to our little group. Espline presented via Livemeeting and conference call, which worked very well.