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Two Lane Highway

While I'm on that music theme....

I had my Ipod on shuffle today, and low and behold, up comes a tune I haven't heard for quite a while...A little something out of the early 70's by a band called Pure Prairie League called "Two Lane Highway". It got me thinking.. 


Goin Mobile

If you're an older fart like me, you remember when The Who released the classic "Who's Next" album...Not so much for the controversy created by the album cover, but for the music the album contained...One of those tunes was a song called "Goin Mobile"..While this was  about life in the fast lane, I can't help thinking that it is even more applicable today..


Is there a Best Practices for Variant Pricing

Hi all,

As I could not present directly at the Vienna Conference either in person or remotely, I provided my presentation as a recorded session, so it could still be made in my absence.

The presentation can be accessed from this link

until it is loaded on this site.


How Much Does Pricing Weigh?

If you've been hiding under a rock, then you may not be aware that Phil Martin will be giving a talk on pricing at the conference in Vienna. He is not only attending his first conference, but he's delving into a topic that is typically shied away from at our conferences. Good job Phil!!!

A great example of how to attend your first conference...Or your second, or even your 10th!! Get out there and contribute!


Hmmmmm 2010 and another configurator??

2010....I hope your New Years celebrations were fun filled (and you're not STILL hung over)...

Well, we made it through a pretty turbulent decade. In looking forward, I tend to look back as well. Doing so raises some interesting questions that, some might say, are nothing different than the old questions. However, I think the time has come to throw down a new challenge....

Read on, then fire up the old flame machines!!


Are Consultants bad news for VC Implementations?


I was listening to a Podcast about Russell Ackoff who was one of the original pioneers of Operations Research and had some interesting ideas on how business works.  If you look at Operations Research it is about optimising the parts - using stopwatches, algorithms etc.  But as time went on he saw things with a more big picture view.