The latest CWG News...

New document management module

We have updated the module used for handing documents under "Document Share". For example, the new module now supports downloading whole folders and also managing documents is much easier.

Note: olde rlinks whoch you may find in the forum such as .../webfm_send/...  won't work ay longer. Plase search for the document you are looing for (assuming you know the name) using th search feature. Sorry for inconvenience caused by this change. 


Conference in Budapest 2019 - great success!

Our recent CWG Conference 19-22nd May 2019 in Budapest was a great success with more than 170 attendees (sold out). We had 3 days full of presentations, discussions and great networking. You can download the presentations in the Document Share. 

Thanks for attending and, most of all, thanks for presenting! 

Now mark your calendars for the next conference in St.Louis (Oct 6-9).