Is there a Rightsizing in your future?

Like many others, the company I work for has recently announced some more downsizing that will happen in the next couple of months. Not surprising really, given what's going on in the overall economy. As people tend to do, we talk about it at various times during the day. One of those conversations got me back on a soapbox, and I figured why not climb it here too? After all, this can happen to anyone, in any company.

What will you do if you go into work tomorrow and find a meeting with HR on your calendar? If you are sitting at your desk working away on your email and suddenly your boss and a couple of security folks are at your desk? Do you have a plan?

A very wise man once told me to "plan for the worst and hope for the best"...I don't like to live that though. I'd rather plan for the best, then think about the worst and plan for it too. That way, when the middle happens, I can take elements of both plans and derive the best course of action.

So, yes, I know what I'll do. I know the answers I'll give to certain questions (what I'd do if severance was or was not offered, if I could go back to the plant, if I have access to any insurance, etc). I also know the adjustments I'd have to make to my families lifestyle. What bills I'd pay. How long I could pay bills with no job of any kind.

More importantly, I've discussed it with my spouse!

I also know the places I'd go and the people I'd talk to (and in what order) to look for work. My resume is up to date.

These are just some of the things I suggest that you ask yourself. Whether or not you feel under the gun, it can only help if you know the things you can control.

I assume that you all have budgets right? A fully funded emergency savings plan (8-10 months CASH)? Have been paying down any debt you have?

If not, my recommendation to you is to think about it..Real hard.

The absolute worst that can happen is that you find yourself giving more thought to exactly what you can and cannot control. When you do this, it helps put things back into perspective. Yes, losing your job would suck, but I think it sucks worse to be in Zimbabwe with cholera.

So, regardless of what fickling the fat finger of fate has in mind for you, Please, before you HAVE to, take some time and think about your situation..

All the best,