Your 2009 CWG Goals?

Well, here we are in 2009. We made it through 2008, which was no small accomplishment right?

Happy New Year to you and yours!!

 Have you fully recovered from the New Years parties? Made all your resolutions?

Me, I don't make resolutions. I prefer goals...Why?? Goals tend to actually get done, especially if you write them down..

I typically start the process around November and end it sometime in early December. This year was like most others in that I have 4 primary types of goals;

  1. Personal
  2. Family
  3. Professional
  4. Financial

And while most of those goals are none of your business, lets talk about a couple of them in the professional arena. After all, the CWG is a professional organization right? Why shouldn't we have goals around our participation in our chosen profession?

My primary CWG goal surrounds the local Midwest chapter of the CWG, started in March of last year. To make it short, the goal is "to grow the local chapter by 2 member companies by December 2009".

Not real ambitious, but it should be achievable.

 Secondarily, I have a goal to find a new CWG champion  at my company. Since it is company specific, that's about all the detail I can go into here, but suffice it to say, it's time to grow others..

So how about you? What do you think you should be doing relative to the CWG??

One thing you can do is to promote the CWG in various ways. Are you on Facebook? Myspace? LinkedIn? Twitter? SDN? BPX? Do a search for either "SAP Variant Configuration" or CWG and see what you find..Then lets see what you do with it..

As my reverse mentors are showing me, there is a lot more to this web 2.0 stuff than us old people see. What? You don't have a reverse mentor? You don't have a mentor either??

You really should have both if you are serious about staying cometative in the professional world..

If you're interested, maybe we can talk about that a little more sometime..