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CWG Fall Conference 2019 in North America - October 6 - 9, 2019

Dear CWG Community, 

The Fall conference 2019 will be held in The Gateway City St.Louis, Missouri on October 6 - 9, 2019. 

Mark your calendars for this event!

The CWG Program Committee has studied conference survey feedback with the goal to develop a program for the St. Louis Conference that has something for everyone. In particular, we are seeking educational presentations for these audiences:

  • Novice - We continually welcome new VC customers and first time attendees.  We will offer presentations that help them learn the fundamentals of SAP Product Configuration.  
  • Experienced - As always, we will have presentations on advanced modeling and functional solutions to challenging business problems.  You won't find this kind of expert content in any book or training.
  • Decision Making - With so many choices now available in the SAP Product Portfolio, how does a customer decide which products or solutions to use and when or how to deploy them.  

In addition, we will foster more facilitated knowledge sharing and networking sessions across three categories:

  • Modeling - CWG has always had a heritage for modeling topics, and we will to continue sharing thoughts and ideas on a wide range of modeling topics including the following.
  • Functional - We continually get feedback that there aren't enough presentations on functional integration topics.  Some of the topics that are frequently requested include:
  • Applications - As always, SAP will provide a number of presentations about the details and updates on SAP Product Configuration applications.

Your CWG Board of Directors