Social networking in a CWG World

Do you have a LinkedIn account? How about Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc??? If you have an acccount on any of these social applications, have you looked around for anything to do with the profession you are in?

I realize that many  people believe that there is a line between work and social networking. I wonder just how large that chasm is? Do you ever go out to social activities with people you work with? Probably..Why is there that much of a difference between an offline and online social presence?

Some of us "older people" (like me) have a little help. Younger people we use as "Reverse Mentors". What these folks teach us is that there are changes and differences in the way we interact, both on and off the job. A reality in this world is, if you can't keep up with the changes in the way people work and relate to each other, odds are, you will get left behind..

So, I'm trying. How about you?? I can tell you that I have yet to find many of the folks I know in the CWG on Facebook or MySpace. Yes, some are out there, but by no means all are even on LinkedIn..Although I will admit being flamed a couple of times when inviting people in the past couple of years..Must be I don't buy enough beers at Marco or something??

The flamers always say things like "What's in it for me?"..My response is usually the same, "You get out what you put in"...Just like here.

So, head on out there..Look for people you have met or for groups surrounding VC or the CWG. They exist, you just have to look for them. Interact, share some stories, let people see sides of you they don't typically get to. in the end, it will create a stronger bond. Stronger bonds simply allow stronger working realtionships, which, in the end, are what get things done.

And you know, a little flaming never bothered me...So turn on your torches, get out the welding mask and flame away!!

Till next time...