How Much Does Pricing Weigh?

If you've been hiding under a rock, then you may not be aware that Phil Martin will be giving a talk on pricing at the conference in Vienna. He is not only attending his first conference, but he's delving into a topic that is typically shied away from at our conferences. Good job Phil!!!

When Phil first mentioned this in the forums, I piped up and said "don't forget about scales"...No, not the one you climb on once a week to make sure all that extra beer you drank at Vienna didn't pile on the calories, but the scale pricing functionality in our lovely little R\3 environment.

Phils sent me an email asking me "to elaborate"...Lazy guy that I am (especially lately) I didn't get around to it.

And you think I will in this post??? HA!!! Fooled you didn't I???

This post is a starter in a series of posts. You know, almost what a blog is supposed to be...

I don't want to "steal Phil's thunder" on pricing. After all, he came all the way from "Down Under" to be at Vienna!! So not much detail in this post.

Simply a high level point that scale pricing is sometimes considered tier pricing. Meaning that based on a value passed into it, the pricing can be one of many values, with the price being static between say, value 1-10, with a higher price for value 11-20, etc, etc..

Ever want to do something like that with VC?? Better yet, have you implemented scale pricing??

Either way, stay tuned and don't forget to comment on the posts as they (slowly) appear..

Hope you enjoy Vienna. Or if you're like me and won't attend, be sure to check out the presentations as they are posted in the document share. Looks like the program committee did their usual fantastic job!!

Till next time,