To Be(er) or not to Be(er)

Well, it's almost time again...Marco in the fall. A great place to be...Assuming I actually make it there (the wife is pretty sick and I'm really hoping I don't get it), I have a  question to ask all of you...

First off, will you be there??

If yes, GREAT, I can't wait to see you.

If not, why?? No better place to get some great information for not much money. ASUG certainly can't deliver this kind of value for configuration professionals...

But that's not the question I really wanted to ask you.....Here it comes.......

Do you want to win some beer or not?

As you may know, I play a little game during each presentation I give at the CWG...

It serves a couple of purposes, but I have a problem with it this year.

See, I'm presenting on Day 3 this year.

That's OK, but it makes  it a little tougher for anyone that wins a beer to claim it. Of course, that's assuming I do it in the traditional way..

Marco has been getting a little bit better with the beer selection (not at the hotel bar mind you), so I'm thinking that you may not be able to claim a prize at the bar, but deliver it in another way.

But before I bother...I have to know..

Do you care??

Should we play "Beer or no Beer" at Marco this year??

Lemme know...

Post a comment, or shoot me an email;

Hope to see you in Marco!!