The VC/IPC Check Tool is Out!

Dear CWG,

In the last CWG conference in Marco Island I've shown you our ideas for a configuration model check tool and asked for your feedback.

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first version of this tool today. And even better: as this tool's job is to support you with your existing models, and as it only adds a single button to PME VC, we're making it available to all ERP 6.0 customers, regardless of how many Enhancement Packages you've applied.

The Check Tool will be available with the next Support Package of your ERP 6.0. This may be in a week or in a few months, depending on your EhP. Details at the end of this post.

What does the Check Tool do? It offers a good number of static checks that you can use to detect typical modeling issues of the configuration model you've opened in PME VC. As you may know me as an "IPC guy", let me say clearly that this tool is designed for both VC and IPC. Among the checks we're offering are:

  • Consistency checks like having several procedures in an object, but for some the sort field is not maintained, empty variant tables, non-released dependencies.
  • Integration checks that e.g. make sure you're only using table references that are supported in reference characteristics.
  • Performance checks that e.g. warn you about usage of actions in your models.
  • Knowledge base checks (IPC only) - integration of the hopefully well-known KB check report.
  • Customer-specific checks - check for naming conventions by supplying prefixes and suffixes for configuration objects.

This is a first version. We've already got plans for a later version like filtering of checks, integration of our partners' check tools, and of course more checks. But first we're looking for your feedback: is the tool useful? What additional checks or features would you like to see? Just use the modeling section of the CWG forum to give SAP your feedback. I'm looking forward to input that can help us shape the check tool to a tool you find indispensable.

Attached you find a couple of screenshots that show the check tool in action.

And here's the list of SPs you need to upgrade to in order to get the check tool:

  • ERP before 6.0: not available - sorry, we have to start somewhere.
  • Release 600 - ERP 6.0 (no EhP): SP 20 => not scheduled yet, probably Q3/2011
  • Release 602 - ERP 6.0 EhP2: SP10 => not scheduled yet, probably Q3/2011
  • Release 603 - ERP 6.0 EhP3: SP08 => planned Feb 2011 (real soon :-) )
  • Release 604 - ERP 6.0 EhP4: SP09 => planned March 2011
  • Release 605 - ERP 6.0 EhP5: SP04 => planned May 2011

We're also in touch with Daniel Naus who offered to upgrade the CWG Sandbox as soon as the tool is out so that you can play around with it even if your own systems are not ready yet (thanks, Daniel!).

OSS note 1537346 contains more information, including more details on what checks are included in the tool.