Practice makes perfect?


Lots of comments coming my way about best practices lately...Thought I'd share some of my warped thinking with you again..

If you think about it, did you ever wonder why there isn't anyplace to go and find out "hey, in this particular scenario, what works best in the software?" What happens when you can't find the information?? Does your project end up with some of this?


Then comes the question...How do we avoid these mistakes? Heck, I know...Lets use the best practices!!!

But wait.....

Where can we go to get the best practices?

Problem is, you come to the CWG and what do you find?? In many cases, lots of stuff, with no clear answers.

Heck, even the single agreed to best practice is hard to find...Can you figure out what it is and where it's located?

And whose fault is this?? Well folks, I'm not going to blame anybody in the CWG. Those folks (did I tell you yet they are all volunteers?) work their butts off to make this what we have. And it's pretty darn good.

But maybe it isn't quite good enough.

What can be done? We try the expert question and answer sessions. We try the forums.

I'd like to make a suggestion.

Can the CWG members (not the Board) agree that we (the members of the CWG) would benefit from having some kind of central repository of best practices?

Assuming we can, are there any members out there (again, not Board folks, they already work hard enough) that are willing to step up and try to figure it out? I mean, it's really a tad tougher than just a repository isn't it?

What IS a best practice? How does it get to be one? Do we need a voting process? Some kind of review by SAP? Some type of arcane ceremony involving lots of beer and wine??

Heck, I'm sure not going to figure it out on my own.

So chime in folks..Now's your chance...Speak now or forever hold your piece. (Well, forever is a really long time...Maybe not forever)....

The blogs all allow comments...Post'em up. Assuming we get any, maybe I'll have enough to take to the Board and ask if they'd be willing to let us (the members) do it...

Off to that global enterprise thingy I was telling you about in Marco....

Till next time,