Website upgrade ahead!

Dear community,

The CWG website is one of the key assets. We have been working hard in the past months and prepared a new website based on the latest Drupal website and a lot of changes under the hood. The new webiste will have a fresher look, but bascially be the same in terms of content and funcitonality, so it should be easy to get used to it.

Exact dates for Go Live have not been deternmined, yet. Expect a downtime for up to a few days.


Your CWG Board of Directors 



New document management module

We have updated the module used for handing documents under "Document Share". For example, the new module now supports downloading whole folders and also managing documents is much easier.

Note: olde rlinks whoch you may find in the forum such as .../webfm_send/...  won't work ay longer. Plase search for the document you are looing for (assuming you know the name) using th search feature. Sorry for inconvenience caused by this change.