Goin Mobile

If you're an older fart like me, you remember when The Who released the classic "Who's Next" album...Not so much for the controversy created by the album cover, but for the music the album contained...One of those tunes was a song called "Goin Mobile"..While this was  about life in the fast lane, I can't help thinking that it is even more applicable today.. 

You see, every trend I read about has mobile computing being all the rage. Worse yet, I actually agree with all of the pundits that espouse this train of tought. Just look how fast smartphones have taken off.  How many of you are reading this on your Crackberry???

Then take a peek at this little gem;


Check out the article titled "Next Stop: New Trends in IT"


It has a thought provoking line in there about how SAP is  looking at augmented reality (AR)..What the heck is that you say?? Go here;


Big deal right?? Take a second and go into deep thought mode. Yeah, you may need to drink a few beers to catch me on this one...

What happens if we combine mobile computing, AR, and CRM?? What would happen if CRM allowed a graphical specification to take place in an AR environment, then passed that specification to the ERP system?? All through your Crackberry??

I can hear you now..."Schneider's been at the sauce again!!".....Well, maybe I have, but the reality is, it don't matter if I have been or not...

Technology in this area is growing...Faster and faster...Just hit Google a couple of times and you'll find it's a growing trend..

Yeah, I know, I watched Star Trek as a kid and I'm also a sic-fi fan...But that doesn't mean I'm all wet in my thinking..

I wonder if there is interest in this area in the CWG?? Enough to have a conversation about it at Marco?? If there is, maybe I'll even get off my butt and try to get some of the forward thinking types at SAP to chime  in...

Or, if this is just another idiotic Schneiderism to you, that's OK too..Don't matter much to me..

Either way, if you ain't thinking about goin mobile, some young kid listening to techno music is going to blow you right into the weeds...

Go ahead, flood my inbox (just like you usually don't) with wonderous comments...I'll at least read'em if you do...

Till next time,