Design Validation of new VC app for S/4HANA on day 2

Dear CWG members,

SAP is working on the S/4HANA app for variant configuration. The design of the new app is still rough, and we would like to get end user feedback right from the beginning, so that we head in the right direction right away. Felix Haeusser and Uwe Betzin would like to validate the current design ideas on day 2 by doing usability tests with end users.

Each testing is for one user at a time, and takes about 40 minutes. We got the room 203 in the morning. For the afternoon we have to be creative. You will find us following our signs, starting at room 203. Or just drop a mail at and we will tell you where we are.

What's in it for you?

·         You can try out the new App before everybody else can, without installing anything.

·         You can directly influence SAP's direction by giving valuable feedback.

·         If you wish, we'll stay in touch with you after the test for future design validation sessions.

What do you need to do?

Check our call for testers in the forum at

See you in Las Vegas!