Will I See You In Las Vegas?


Time is growing short... The October conference in Las Vegas is quickly approaching. Hopefully you have taken advantage of the early bird rate, reserved your hotel rooms, and booked your flights already..

But if not, a little reminder why you may want to consider doing all those things soon.. The CWG Conference is the only place where you can;

  • Attend an event that is specific to SAP’s configuration technology
  • Speak directly to the SAP Product Owners for configuration technology
  • Participate in direct influence opportunities to SAP configuration technology
  • Hear the most up to date information regarding SAP’s configuration technology (including in S/4!)
  • Speak directly with industry professionals to help solve your company specific configuration technology challenges
  • Find configuration technology specific tools to improve your companies productivity
  • Develop your public speaking skills in a non-threatening forum
  • Develop your professional network specific to SAP configuration technology, without having to wade through 30,000 people interested in other topics
  • Do all of these things for 60% less cost than ASUG\Sapphire


Of course, there is always the chance that if you find me in a bar somewhere and make reference to what happened in Berlin, I'll buy you a beer!!


Come on and join us..