Influence SAP by testing the CPQ UI usability in Berlin


Update: The slots are filling; if you want to participate in our usability test and influence SAP, then now is the time to contact SAP and secure the slot that fits your conference program needs.  Have a look at the program and then just send me a mail at, and if you want, include your "wish slot" (time or slot number is both fine). Some slots are already reserved, and I'm assigning testers "first come, first served".

Also, all our "partner slots" are filled; I'm afraid I'm only looking exclusively for SAP customers who want to test by now.


In case you haven't seen it in the forum: we're looking for CWG Berlin participants who want to try out our redesigned configuration UI and give us valuable feedback so that we can make it even better.

You can find my "call for testers" here in the forum. Head over there to learn what we're doing and how to participate:

I'm very excited to do this test, we're already spending a lot of time preparing it. We'll even fly our UI Designer from Canada to Berlin so that we have the right people to watch you use our UI and learn as much as we can. 

So, head over to the forum to read more, or, if you're in a hurry to participate, just mail me at 

We've got only 7 free seats :-)

See you in Berlin!