Marco Musings 2009 Edition

Well, there we were again in Marco Island. What a sacrifice we make for our companies;The CWG returned to beautiful Marco Island yet again, and a great conference was held, hopefully for all!

If you couldn't be there, the program committee did a wonderful job of bringing together a multitude of different topics for us to consider.

And then there were the networking dinners on Monday evening;


Good food, good drink, and most of all good networking! Thanks a bunch Lawrence....Unnecessary, but thanks!

Speaking of Lawrence, the one of the four highlites of the conference was his presentation on Day 3 "10 Things Every Modeler Should know". You really need to check out the doc share for this one if you read nothing else!!

Peter did his usual outstanding job giving his version of "Unambigous Best Practices".

And then there was the modeling challenge on day 2. A whole heap of thanks to Michael for pulling this one off! He had a wonderful idea and made it happen in a great way. The dialogue between the audience was worth the price of admission!

Then of course, there is the book....The ONLY book about VC, written by some very knowledgable people from SAP..Yes, all copies did sell out at the conference, but you can still get your own personal copy here;

It's WELL WORTH the money..

From my personal perspective, this was not a physically pleasant time. Suffering from "Old Labrador Syndrome" made it really hard for me to sit, much less stand. Good thing the content was so good!!

Another round of "beer or no beer". I think this was the last time for that little game. Time for something different (if anything at all).


Albert organized the usual "Ultimate Frisbee" game, but due to the heat it got moved into the pool;

Of course, you can't forget the REAL reason we go to R&R (Robert and Rick's Island);

And as the sun slowly set over yet another successful conference, you have to wonder.....Can it really get any better than this??

Thanks again to all who make these conferences work!!

Till next time;