2009 Modeling Challenge

If you find yourself  bored with the "ho hum"modeling tasks at your companytake a peek at the 2009 CWG Modeling challenge! The scenarios depicted in the challenge are coming from real life SAP customers, so it's not just an abstract exercise.

The question is, what is the best method for solving these types of challenges?

In fact, IS there a best method?

There may be more than one method for solving a particular goal described in the scenarios. Which one turns out to be the "bets" may be very subjective.

So, your fertile mind asks, what is the challenge??

The scenarios to be solved are described in the attached powerpoint document. This document will be used at the Marco Island conference  to facilitate conversation around these scenarios.

We would like you to think about these scenarios in 3 different ways;

  1. Using declarative modeling only
  2. Using procedural modeling only
  3. Using a mix of declarative and procedural modeling

It is not necessary  to build these items  in your sandbox systems, nor is it necessary to build a fancy powerpoint presentation. We WOULD like you to think about these situations enough to be able to describe your solutions  to others and make sure they can understand them.

Remember, you have 2 opportunities, 1 in the Forums (if you can't make it to Marco) and the other at the Marco Island Confernece.

During the conference, the workshop will be designed to be interactive, so don't expect the facilitators to do all the talking. Come prepared to offer your experience and  insights and help the CWG community grow!!

For the team