Where does that data come from anyway??

Coming quickly to the CWG Marco Island conference, the question that burns in my mind is one that I'll be speaking on..Namely;

Where do the data objects utilized in Variant Configuration actually get sourced from?

If you design or build variant configuration structures in SAP, you must surely realize that you don't OWN any of the data you create.What you do is translate someone elses business needs into SAP data elements.

But did you ever stop to wonder if those elements had already been created and if so, where?

I can't think of a single relevant data element in VC that isn't really created by a business owner in another application.

Materials are created by Marketing and Engineering.

Characteristics start in Industrial Design, then Marketing and Engineering create more.

The rules are always defined by the business and Engineering staffs.

Keep thinking about it. I think you will see what I mean.

So, what does this mean to the value chain? It means that what we do for a living as translators is redundant work. Muda, in other words. Non value add!!!

Chew on that one for a minute...And take it to the next logical conclusion. Non value add work is being eliminated, especially in these times of economic hardship..

Not to worry though, the software industry is coming to our rescue...Since they consistently fight among themselves to create "bigger and better" software languages, the big companies typically don't think about interoperability.

But they'd better start.

With the semantic web (OWL, RDF, etc) the technology exists to leverage the data at the point of entry.

The questions are;

  • Will anyone?
  • If they do, what will YOU do?


Come join me at the CWG conference in Marco Island for a round table conversation on this subject. Your ideas would be greatly welcomed..

Registration can be accomplished here;


Till next time,