Monday Afternoon Report

Well, Steve and I made it through our morning presentation without having anything thrown at us. in fact, we threw a couple of things into the audience!! Yes, we played "beer or no beer" PLUS we had candy as treats for those audience members that chose to participate.

Harald then came in and gave us a very interesting look at the scenarios that are capable within SAP and how those may be utilized. He was really setting the stage for multiple tracks in day 2. This allows us to see what we may want to look at and decide how deep we want to get into those tracks.

Lunch was a real nice affair, catered with Italian food. A tad rich, but that's what exercise is for, right?? Great conversation and a chance to catch up on email.

After lunch we heard about whats coming up in CRM. Neat stuff and I suggest you take a look at Jack's slides..

Heard a great conversation about Service materials from the Haworth folks. Interesting thoughts and a different way to utilize standard methods. Check out the portal for more details.

Rest of the day was spent with seeing who would win prizes!!Robert got up and spoke on presenting and why you should get up at a conference to give a presentation. Ipods and framed photos!! Don't forget the bottle of wine that each presenter got..

Overall, a very good first day. Too bad you weren't here to be with us..

Until tomorrow...