Monday Morning

Here we are...Conference has started and we have about 120 attendees in the main room. I'm sitting next to Markus who is still feverishly adding data to the Portal. After talking to him last night, it quickly became apparent just how underappreciated he and the good folks at Sybit are. Without their hard work, what you and I get to do on the Portal would NOT be possible. So, all of us need to really understand that this effort is mostly volunteer and underwritten. You may or not like a Marketing aspect of conferences, but the reality is, without it, this organization would simply not be possible.

 A great big round of applause to Sybit!!!!

Rick got into a discussion about the Conference experience, which is the main focus of the current direction. There is a lot of importance in having a good experience at conferences, and it goes a long way beyond the location. Networking, learning, and getting together with SAP means a lot.

A main goal is to increase the customer involvement while people are here and making sure that the other CWG members are aware of what is availabe for them.

Here's a couple of early pics, and later in the day, I'll post again..


Waiting to start

Rick Smethers, President address