Welcome to the Contemplation


The CWG has redesigned their website and allowed access to plain old users like me and you to have our own content. Therefore, you get to put up with me!! Guess what?? I'd like to put up with you!

I have been somewhat stagnant in the writing department over the past couple of years, simply because it was more of a pain to get posted (in the CWG Review Online) than the lazy person I am liked. So I went over to blogspot (http://sapvariantconfiguration.blogspot.com/). With this method, you can expect to see more things from me here within the CWG community. Is that good or bad? You decide!! 

Of course, some of the posts you may not agree with, some you may find interesting, others may give you small insights, and some you may (hopefully) laugh at. But whatever you do, please use this as a method to interact with each other.

Within the CWG, part of our mission is to promote the profession of configuration technology. That means, as a community of professionals, we need to do a little more than simply sit back and read everyone elses postings.

This blog is going to be my contribution.  Don't hesitate to let me know how you feel about it. I know you are all out there just waiting to let your fingers fly over the keyboard...

If you have feature articles you'd like to write, then by all means, send them to me and I'll get them posted in the CWG Review Online.

Till next time,