ASUG Inhales.....a new type of SIG

We all know that Bill Clinton "didn't inhale" during college...ASUG (the Americas SAP Users Group) recently launched a new SIG (Special Interest Group), so you could say ASUG proudly inhaled..


And what, pray tell, did ASUG inhale??? Well, kinda the CWG..


You see, the new SIG is all about a method to try and increase the visibility and membership of the CWG...While at the same time, hopefully leveraging the existing infrastructure that ASUG has built for influencing SAP.

Right or wrong, you can debate the success or failure of the CWG to influence SAP on our own. As far as I'm concerned, as long as the CWG was willing to do what SAP wanted, we were able to influence them a lot..For example, in getting things working how we wanted in the PMEVC...


Go right ahead, complain to me that the PMEVC doesn't do what you want it to do...Guess why...Cause YOU chose not to get involved and submit your requirements. How do I know? Well, put it this way...I was there and did that...Along with 2 primary others, only 1 of which was a SAP customer. And you wonder why we don't have much influence...


So the CWG Board took the bit in their teeth (and it was a long, hotly debated bit over the years) and went to the folks at ASUG...Personally, I'd darn glad that they did...And that there are plans to take the message to DSAG (the German Speaking SAP USers Group) as well.


You can find us on the ASUG site here;


So far, not a lot of content since the launch on December 14, 2010....But hey, you never know. Maybe some of you folks here in the States will contribute a tad more...Or at least have a larger lever with your boss when it comes time to try and get involved..


Go visit the site. Post a little something..You never know what will happen..


Till next time,