My personal takeaways from the CWG in Marco Island

Hi everybody,

First: welcome to my blog! Here I'll now and then give an update on what's going on inside the IPC / PME VC team at SAP and also show new and interesting things we're developing or have developed.

What did I learn from this CWG?

  • SAP customers really do amazing things with SAP product configuration. Thanks for your presentations. Can't tell you how motivating this is!
  • We really need to focus on the VC / IPC Delta List. This is causing a lot of pain to our customers, and although there are some deltas that will never go away, simply because IPC does something in a much better / cleaner / faster way compared to VC, we should spend effort in eliminating all the other deltas.
  • We also need to provide better tools / information on the existing tools to measure how configuration models perform in IPC.
  • The way the Web Channel configuration UI shows multi-level configurations seems to be fairly intuitive; we need to make sure our 7.0 UI gets improved into that direction.
  • The PME VC and the check tool seem to be worthwile continuing our development :-)

And of course I also learned that Americans love their dining rooms to be cooled down to around the freezing point, probably because that way the beer never gets warm and stays enjoyable for hours? And I learned that, yes, you can get a sunburn in Florida in October, something that's entirely impossible in Germany.