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Burning Questions?? Or just a Burnt Conference Attendee??

Had to think about my overall feeling about the Marco conference this time...Still not real sure, but I think it gets an overall thumbs up..

However, as a result of that thought process, it brought a couple of questions to mind. So, I think I'll list them here and in true soap opera (blogging) form, tease you with a discussion of just one...Leaving the rest for future blogs...

My Marco top 10 question list is;

Conference Wrap Up

Drat...No wireless service again....Wireless went down Tuesday afternoon and didn't come back up for SOME people until after lunch Wednesday. I was not fortunate enough to get the wireless back, so it was kind of hard to blog...It does kind of REQUIRE Net access...

Enough whining. I can tell by the dearth of comments that you are waiting with unbaited breath for the news...

Tuesday Morning

I can tell already, blogging today is going to be hard. Sat in a very good discussion about business analytics for configuration (which ran late) and I'm now in a conversation about configurable purchased materials. It's going to be real hard to do justice to the presentations and yet give you some information.

The good news is that SAP is interested in business analytics. Look for a potential focus group to continue the conversation. Anybody out there feel like

Monday Afternoon Report

Well, Steve and I made it through our morning presentation without having anything thrown at us. in fact, we threw a couple of things into the audience!! Yes, we played "beer or no beer" PLUS we had candy as treats for those audience members that chose to participate.

Monday Morning

Here we are...Conference has started and we have about 120 attendees in the main room. I'm sitting next to Markus who is still feverishly adding data to the Portal. After talking to him last night, it quickly became apparent just how underappreciated he and the good folks at Sybit are. Without their hard work, what you and I get to do on the Portal would NOT be possible. So, all of us need to really understand that this effort is mostly volunteer and underwritten.

Marco 2008 Meet & Greet

So. Here we are in Marco. Made it through all the flights, got a run in, talked to a few folks I haven't seen for a year, drank a few beers and now it's time for the Meet & Greet.

Met & Greet

Mother Nature didn't cooperate with us. We had to move from the roof to a ballroom. In the end, it all worked out. It was a little humid outside anyway.. 

Are You Ready for Marco?

Well, here we are. Just a couple of days until we get into the big birds and fly away to sunny Florida. Some of us will be there earlier than others, primarily looking for that elusive big one that doesn't get away. Others will show up at the last second Monday morning.

If you don't attend, how will you keep up on the proceedings? It's kind of hard isn't it? Well, since I'm privileged to be going, I'm going to try and keep you up to date. How? Why right here of course...