UK CWG Chapter

There has been an interest in forming a CWG Chapter in the UK and Duncan Goodwin of Diagonal Consulting is organizing this chapter.  The Chapter area speaks for itself; the UK.  All CWG members that live and/or work in the United Kingdom are welcome to join this new CWG Chapter.   All Variant Configurator, IPC and CRM IPC professionals are also free to join.  There is no member cost.

Each CWG member in the UK will receive an eMail invitation to join in January.  A LinkedIn Group will be setup for communications, announcements and meeting notifications. 

The goal of a CWG Chapter is to organize forums, meetings and webinars for Variant Configurator and IPC Professionals to discuss issues and hear about and network with others and find out what others are doing to solve problems.  Presentations in other chapters incude partner and SAP presentations. 

The UK Chapter is not a substitute for the semi-annual CWG Conferences held in Europe and North America and the primary purpose is to network with other VC and IPC professionals between the conferences and encourage new members to join both the Chapter and the CWG.  If you have an interest, please send us an eMail at and we will pass on your request to the UK Chapter organizers.

We hope to see you in Cologne, Germany at the 2011 European CWG Conference May 8 -11, 2011.