South Central (USA) CWG Chapter scheduling first meeting for August 24th

Formation is starting and we invite your participation

Chapters are designed to share and discuss issues that you have in your everyday implementation, integration or modeling problems. 

The CWG encourages Chapter formation and will assist in building the member base and helping to get out the message to local members, sharing information presented at other Local Chapters, and the South Central Chapter in return has the freedom to meet and have presentations about their local issues. Please forward this email to other professionals using SAP VC or IPC that are not members and they can subscribe to this mailing list and receive updates and newsletters about meetings.

How Do I Join and When is the first meeting?
Send us an email expressing interest in joining the CWG Chapter by emailing Rod Sayler

If you would like to volunteer to assist in the formation and be instrumental in the success of the new Chapter or offer your company's office facilities for meetings, also let Rod Sayler or us know.

The first meeting is scheduled for August 24th.  The CWG and the Chapter Lead will help to organize and schedule the kickoff meeting. 

How Do I network with Members?
The CWG organization encourages networking, education and as many of you know there are two conferences per year; in the Spring in Europe and in the Fall in the USA.   If you like, review the presentation abstracts from the recent Vienna, Austria Conference.

One of the purposes of Chapter formation is to have participation for those that are unable to attend the larger conference and network with other members, so we have established a LinkedIn Group for CWG and soon for the South Central CWG Chapter.