CWG Chapters

The Board of Directors is currently forming local and regional CWG Chapters globally. 

Our mission is to provide information and education about the SAP Variant Configuration (VC), the Internet Pricing Configurator (IPC), and SAP CRM configurators and historically the primary venue for this information sharing and networking has been either this website or at the European Conference in the Spring and the North American CWG Conference in the Fall.

Each CWG Chapter has their own website page and please visit for more information by clicking on the Chapter Title below.

With 500+ member companies, 250+ partner companies and 2,500+ members, not everyone can or will attend a European or North American conference to get specific answers to questions or meet and network with other VC and IPC professionals.  This website has been the only alternative to the two conferences per year. 

So, the CWG Board is enabling companies and members to have their own "mini conferences" to discuss and share issues, network and find out how to solve some of those tough problems through the formation of local CWG Chapters with face-to-face meetings and webinars.  Each Chapter will also have a specific Chapter LinkedIn Group for networking and receiving Chapter announcements   There is also a LinkedIn Group for all CWG members.

Chapters are designed to share and discuss issues that you may have in your everyday implementation, integration or modeling problems.  It is also a place to learn more about the VC and IPC.  Education is one of the primary goals and now this can be accomplished on a local level. 

The CWG Chapter has to be self-sufficient though.  We encourage their formation and will assist in building the member base and helping to get out the message to local members, and sharing information presented at the chapters, and the Chapter in return has the freedom to meet and have presentations about their local issues.

If you have an interest in forming a CWG Chapter in your area contact us here

For more information on each Chapter click on the menu entry for the chapter or if you are interested in either forming or joining a Chapter in your area please send an email to CWG Secretary or the CWG Vice President

Joint ASUG and CWG New England Chapter Meeting - July 28th

The New England ASUG and CWG Chapters are having a joint meeting on July 28th in Boston.  It will be a full day event and is being held at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.  There are three specific CWG VC topics being presented in a separate CWG Track and we invite you to attend if you are in the New England area or New York. 


Logistics include:


Twin Cities Chapter Meeting

Since I am about 6 months behind on getting a meeting together, I have set a date to just have an hour conference call to talk about possible future topics and if you have a topic to talk about this time, that would be great.

August 3 from 12:00 - 1:00   ---  Please e-mail me ( if you are planning on attending.  I will then send you a conf call number and web meeting information.

I am just going to start with an hour, but if there are topics to show that will take more time, I will add more time.


Texas CWG Chapter

The Texas CWG Chapter is now organizing.  Invitations were sent to all CWG members in Texas from LinkedIn to join the Texas CWG Chapter LinkedIn Group and a separate invitation was emailed June 2, 2011from the CWG to the Texas CWG members.   If you are not a member of LinkedIn and do not wish to be included on the Texas CWG Chapter LinkedIn group, you can email your request to join


Carolina Chapter Wrap Up


The first live meeting for the Carolina Chapter of the CWG was a big success.  Fourteen people representing six companies gathered at Baldor Electric’s Greenville SC office for lunch and a chance to exchange ideas and questions.

Chuck Howard gave us some insight into Albany International’s robust use of VC to support their business of selling complex products to the paper industry.  Chuck’s presentation generated a lot of discussion around complex BOM/Routing logic and designing models to support engineering.


CWG Twin Cities Meeting in Feb?

Now that the holidays are over, I would like to get a meeting planned in Feb.

I am looking for volunteers to present or possible topics to cover. I am thinking this meeting will be a conference call/web meeting this time (mostly likely 1 - 2 hours). Please reply to this message or feel free to e-mail me at if you have ideas. (Can also just let me know if you are interested in meeting, so I get an idea for the number of people!)


Lori Nigbur


UK CWG Chapter

There has been an interest in forming a CWG Chapter in the UK and Duncan Goodwin of Diagonal Consulting is organizing this chapter.  The Chapter area speaks for itself; the UK.  All CWG members that live and/or work in the United Kingdom are welcome to join this new CWG Chapter.   All Variant Configurator, IPC and CRM IPC professionals are also free to join.  There is no member cost.