Post Images Not Displaying

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Update August 1,2017

A hack to "fix" this issue I found out about on another site...


In the HTML code, add "~original"  (no quotes) to the url... Like magic, your images appear...


How long this hack will work is unknown. I strongly recommend finding anyother provider.


Hello there,

I hope that one or two of you have seen the images displayed in this (and many other) posts;

If not, what you see is no longer the original image. What you see is a image displayed that tells you to upgrade your account. See the attached file for an example.

What happened is that the original images in the post are hosted on a site called Photobucket... I've been using Photobucket for a long time (over 10 years). Photobucket recently changed their terms of service..

Photobucket used to be free for a certain amount of storage. This included linking the photos stored in Photobucket to third party external sources (such as the CWG website). Photobucket has now decided that they will no longer allow third party linkage unless your account is upgraded.. Meaning I would have to pay for their services in order for the images to be displayed.. 

Yes, the cost is minimal, but it isn't coming out of my pocket. Even if I paid for it, it wouldn't cover the costs of others that use Photobucket.

At some point in time, I will slowly be moving to another service (probably Instagram).. I will go back and update recent posts to those links.. But I won't update all of them (simply don't have the time or patience).

On the other hand, if nobody cares, I won't do anything..

This is your chance to give feedback on whether or not you care (or even read the posts)..

The more of you that comment telling me to update things, the more I'll care about doing it..