Marco 2008 Meet & Greet

So. Here we are in Marco. Made it through all the flights, got a run in, talked to a few folks I haven't seen for a year, drank a few beers and now it's time for the Meet & Greet.

Met & Greet

Mother Nature didn't cooperate with us. We had to move from the roof to a ballroom. In the end, it all worked out. It was a little humid outside anyway.. 

Had a nice crowd, with some good music. A few people commented that it was too loud, making it difficult to talk. I go back to the old saying "if it's too loud, you're too old"...Of course, it says a little something about me that I remember that saying...

Meet & Greet 2 

Had an interesting discussion regarding he value proposisiton of the conference. It was driven by multiple comments that we should move the conference, which drives the question about cost. Hang on to this thought as I'll cover it a little more in a later blog..

Moved the Office Furniture contingent out of the meet and greet into the bar for some serious SAP conversation. Kevin finally got his beer. It was a little overdue, but now he doesn't have that over my head anymore. I'm sure he'll find something else...I think I'll find a way to "ignore" him during tomorrow's round of "Beer or no Beer"..

That's all for tonight folks. Talk to you tomorrow with a report on the Monday proceedings..


Meet & Greet 3