West Michigan Joint ASUG\CWG Meeting June 24

Well, here we go again....

June 24, 2011 on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University.....

Yes, the West Michigan chapter of the CWG is going to hold (well, co hold) another meeting. This time, we've suckered (nicely convinced) the Michigan ASUG chapter to let us piggyback on one of their meetings....The best part about that is that ASUG has sponsors!!!

Wow...Free food at a CWG Chapter meeting?? Unheard of to date...But, that's not really why we go...

OK, it's for the Networking events after the meeting.....Well....Don't say that too loudly where any manager types can hear...

But really folks, we have an action packed agenda...Must be because I'm not setting it anymore... :)


Here goes;

MSU’s Enterprise Business Systems Implementation

ASUG Conference Roundup / CWG InfluenceCouncil /PLM Presentations

Grand Valley State University: Teaching SAP and the Enterprise Systems Student Union

CWG Chapter updates / CWG President’s Goals / PMEVC / 10 IPC Items

Steelcase’s Experience with BusinessObjects Enterprise/BI4.0

Using VC materials within multiple plants: how Siemens WT is doing this with SAP Fusion

So, as you can see we are covering some widely diverse topics...Should be interesting...

Come one, come all...Simply sign up for the show here;



UPDATED June 3 2011:

IBM will be presenting on a topic TBD (got to let the folks sponsoring the event get something back you know)....

If you are not currently an ASUG member but want to come, please use this link to register;


We look forward to seeing you!!!