Variant Configuration Lessons

Hi there,

Some of you may have been to my 'other' blog.

3sheep BlogOn that blog before I had a blog here I had some basic lessons on building up a small VC model.  It was very much a ground up series of lessons from Characteritics to classes to Configuration profiles to Variant Tables to Constraints.  It was built in a 46C system, but is still relevant as in these areas not much has changed.

The lessons are in PDF format, and embedded in the PDF is a "Play" button to trigger a simulation with an audio explanation.  You may find them useful.   

These cover a simple scenario of being able to create a VC model for ordering a box. 

The box can come in three sizes, and three colours, with only some colours available for some boxes.  I use constraints with variant tables to control the selection of box size and colours.

Then I show how to use class items in the BOM, and set the quantity based on Box Size.

It is a simple model, but explains some of the key pieces of SAP functionality in this area.