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The CWG Plays "Question and Answer" with SAP

The CWG Plays Question and Answer with SAP

The next CWG conference - in Salzburg - is coming up over the horizon. If you ever wanted to ask SAP management directly - what's the plan? What's coming up for us? When will you address my particular issues? - there's no better place. When last we all gathered on Marco Island, those of us fortunate enough to be there got to ask our questions. Now you can listen in ... almost as if you had had a seat in the room that day.

A Light shines in Darkness

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Gathering Clouds

Those Configuration Workgroup members who've been participating for more than a year might remember that, before this last European CWG Conference in May, there were always pre-meetings devoted to the work of one or more of what were then called "Focus Groups."

Implementing variant functions in Java for IPC 5.0 (AP 7.00)

In this article we will give a short summary of the changes and what you need to do to implement your variant function with this new technology

By Marek Duda, Sybit GmbH

Implementing variant functions in Java for IPC 5.0 (AP 7.00)

First of all I have to highlight that SAP contributed to the CWG a presentation and created a really comprehensive note which covers most questions regarding this issue:

Restricting Characteristic Domains

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Not believing it, the modeler finds that, yes, it really does work. Trying to explain it to a coworker quickly gets both modelers into thinking the discussion should be over a bottle of beer, or maybe even over many bottles of beer, especially when Marketing changes their mind... Oh, they never do that??

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