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Class Inheritance won't make you Rich

You've been wondering about "Class Inheritance." You might have heard that product modeling is a lot like Object-oriented Programming, and you know that in OO Programming you can do all sorts of things with "Classes." Here you'll get an in-depth look into the uses of Class Inheritance in product models in the VC - a gem of an article, spiced up unmistakably, in our favorite Variant Configurator Editor's saucy writing style. Steve Schneider, Aug. 24, 2005

But you should invest in it anyway!

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Large Scale System Configuration

Heping Dai, OperSolution, Inc. USA


Essentially, the Configure-To-Order is a process allowing users to customize an industry product in such a way that the product will have a specific set of selected features as opposed to entire feature set. Use of the CTO process will bring manufacturers a few important business benefits, such as, enhanced customer relationship, improved flexibility of product sales, and increased sales revenues. Therefore, it has become one of processes that many enterprises has been investigating and implementing.

Systems configuration biz case

A Business Case for the Advanced Mode IPC

By Doug Beverage, Siemens Logistics & Assembly Systems, Inc.

Once one begins to ponder the potential applications for systems configuration, you quickly realize that the possibilities are endless …


While walking along the "Philosophen Weg," on the other side of the Neckar River from Heidelberg, Henk Meeter and I discussed some recent news from SAP concerning the Advanced Mode of the Internet Pricing and Configurator, or IPC.

Typical table constraints

Creating Table-based Object Dependencies Made Easy

By Manfred Böhm and Manfred Münch, SAP AG


During the most recent CWG meetings a fairly large group of modeling experts joined the workshops on constraint based modeling. The expert discussions reconfirmed that variant tables provide powerful and flexible means to design a robust product model that is easy to maintain and understand. The meaning of a variant table is part of general knowledge - reading and updating a variant table does not require special modeling skills.

GUI scripting with MS Excel

GUI Scripting With MSExcel

Are you finding your wrists getting weak after entering the same data over and over again? Does your company ever have a situation where a user wanted a simple method to enter different data into the same field for multiple materials? For those times when MM17 just doesn't work SAP has a FREE solution. The best part is that this solution can be extended to automate data entry into almost ANY screen, or combination of screens.

Interview with Rainer Failenschmid, Festo AG

Copyright © by Peter Illing

Here is another in a series of CWG member reactions to the conference help in St. Leon-Rot in May, 2005.

This contribution is by Rainer Failenschmid of Festo. He has been driving a configuration project for several years. He is an experienced IPC user, far from being a "newbie", but also not one of the grizzeled veterans.

Here is what he took away from the most recent conference:

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