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Design Validation of new VC app for S/4HANA on day 2

Dear CWG members,

SAP is working on the S/4HANA app for variant configuration. The design of the new app is still rough, and we would like to get end user feedback right from the beginning, so that we head in the right direction right away. Felix Haeusser and Uwe Betzin would like to validate the current design ideas on day 2 by doing usability tests with end users.


Influence SAP by testing the CPQ UI usability in Berlin


Update: The slots are filling; if you want to participate in our usability test and influence SAP, then now is the time to contact SAP and secure the slot that fits your conference program needs.  Have a look at the program and then just send me a mail at, and if you want, include your "wish slot" (time or slot number is both fine). Some slots are already reserved, and I'm assigning testers "first come, first served".


Research on "VC on HANA": care to answer a short survey? Interested in more?


Brief summary: we need your help in finding the most important performance bottlenecks in VC. With this help, we can look at the right places to apply HANA technology and make VC faster. We've created a survey for this, and we'd want to you spend a few minutes answering it.

I still remember that CWG presentation where the presenter stated that VC takes a minute for each roundtrip with their model, and somebody from a competitor company in the audience shouted "What? so little?"...


Partners: ever thought about registering at the SAP EcoHub?

If you've attended the European CWG conference, and if you've listened to Michael Zarges' presentation on day one really well, then this post is probably old news for you. 

But if you haven't, here's the grand, mindboggingly cool idea: Let's have a place for the CWG on SAP's market, the SAP EcoHub.

Why is this idea so mindboggingly cool? (btw major parts of this idea actually comes from David Silverman - thanks!).


The VC/IPC Check Tool is Out!

Dear CWG,

In the last CWG conference in Marco Island I've shown you our ideas for a configuration model check tool and asked for your feedback.

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first version of this tool today. And even better: as this tool's job is to support you with your existing models, and as it only adds a single button to PME VC, we're making it available to all ERP 6.0 customers, regardless of how many Enhancement Packages you've applied.


Our PME VC Improvements Are Out!

Finally all of SAP's quality gates are behind us, and the new ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5 is released for customers and entering the ramp-up phase.

For me this means that finally, after having talked about the significant enhancements we've made to the PME VC (remotely) in Vienna already, and in Marco Island again, I can finally say: it's out, it's there for you, and if you're using ERP 6.0 you can upgrade without much trouble and (of course) free of charge to EhP5 and use the new features.


Why you should participate in the CWG Developer Challenge

For a couple of months I'm proud owner of a Android-based smartphone. Only once I actually held such a device in my hands and played around with applications like Google Goggles, Layar, Shazam, Google Sky Map I noticed that a phone with an internet connection is not just a phone in which you can browse the web, but an entirely new beast.