About the Configuration Workgroup (CWG)

The Configuration Workgroup e.V. (CWG) is non-profit organization of international users of SAP customers and partners, focused on the topic of product configuration as implemented in the SAP Variant Configurator (VC) and in the SAP Internet Pricing and Configurator (SAP IPC).

The main objectives of the CWG include:

  • Facilitate product configuration knowledge exchange between its members.
  • Influence SAP development plans by providing constructive feedback pertaining to the use and functionality of the SAP product configuration environment.

The key activities of the Configuration Workgroup are bi-annual 3 Day European and North American General Session Conferences, local CWG Chapters and the work of CWG Focus Groups. These focus groups hold workgroup meetings at the CWG conferences to discuss customer specific topics and issues in more detail and there are also periodic conference calls to review detailed topics including prioritizing new requirements for SAP development.   These ongoing discussions with the SAP VC and IPC configurator development teams are one of the main influence instruments of the CWG and are also one of the exclusive benefits for CWG members. There is no other SAP user forum that can offer such a privileged access to SAP IPC and VC development.

The bi-annual 3-Day general session conferences are held in Europe in April or May and in North America in October and offer a variety of presentations and demonstrations of SAP, customer and partner VC and IPC solutions.  Along with solution and technical updates from SAP and project news from customers and partners, these conferences allow for SAP, VC and IPC professionals to network face-to-face and get frequent updates on topics of general interest and we do have some fun too.  VIsit the CWG Events tab for information on upcoming CWG Conferences, view information about past conferences and view Chapter activities. (coming soon)

Local CWG Chapters are new and there are currently have 8 Chapters with five in the United States, one in Australia, one for French Speaking members and now in South Germany.  Chapter events, news about next meetings and contact information is now also available.

The CWG offers membership to all commercial users of SAP VC and IPC and to configuration experts that are involved in implementation projects of SAP VC and IPC.  Currently there are more than 500 CWG member companies and over 2,900 individual members. 

SAP customers and partners that are CWG members can access the CWG Portal to find CWG meeting presentations, ask and get answers to technical questions in the CWG Forum, and utilize a CWG SAP Sandbox for testing and reviewing new capabilities.   In order to access the CWG Portal, registration (incl. authentication as SAP customer/partner) is required.


CWG Legal Disclaimer

CWG is a registered association at Amtsgericht Wiesloch, Germany (reg. no. VR 685)


Configuration Workgroup eV
Spessartstrasse 2
68753 Waghäusel 

E-Mail: secretary@configuration-workgroup.com
Internet: www.configuration-workgroup.com

Legal Representatives

  • Erster Vors.(Chairman): Marin Ukalovic
  • Stellv. Vors. (Vice-Chairman): Steve Schneider
  • Schatzmeister (Treasurer): Alexander Auffinger
  • Sekretär (Secretary): Kevin Meyer