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The sounds in this corner are Variant Voices, where we welcome, on the one hand the harmonic - helpful how-to's, designs, and tips - and its complement, the discord: complaints, criticism, cries for new functionality, and kicking in the bass: plain, old-fashioned opinions. Some of the tunes will be sung by interviewees, and we especially like to put SAP on the hot seat. Some will be sung by various members who have ideas and experiences to share with us. And when things get too quiet, I will burst in with some idea or other. The CWG has been an excellent organization over more than a decade; but to some it had lost its voice in recent years. We have now transformed it into a professional organization with ambitious goals for defining best practices, mutual teaching, and lobbying SAP. This corner intends to chime in as the CWG regains its voice. (Please note: You will probably not get an immediate response to your question. If your issue is of a time-sensitive nature, I suggest you use the CWG Forums) Send me an email!! Comments to: Peter Illing, Interview Editor

Interview with Rainer Failenschmid, Festo AG

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Here is another in a series of CWG member reactions to the conference help in St. Leon-Rot in May, 2005.

This contribution is by Rainer Failenschmid of Festo. He has been driving a configuration project for several years. He is an experienced IPC user, far from being a "newbie", but also not one of the grizzeled veterans.

Here is what he took away from the most recent conference:

The CWG Plays "Question and Answer" with SAP

The CWG Plays Question and Answer with SAP

The next CWG conference - in Salzburg - is coming up over the horizon. If you ever wanted to ask SAP management directly - what's the plan? What's coming up for us? When will you address my particular issues? - there's no better place. When last we all gathered on Marco Island, those of us fortunate enough to be there got to ask our questions. Now you can listen in ... almost as if you had had a seat in the room that day.