Configuration Contemplation

In this space we will contemplate the various things about configuration that make us go "Hmmmmmmm". You just never know what you'll find in the wonderful world of SAP. Will you find change? Maybe not in the Enterprise Core Components, but certainly somewhere in the IPC..Will you find wonder? You bet, as long as you work with software, made by anyone, you will always find something to wonder about. Here is the place to discuss it. You may find feature articles, editorials, rambling discourses, or just general idiotic statements..You just never know what my warped, twisted mind will put in this space...Check back every now and then. Send me an email!! Comments to: Steve Schneider, VC Editor

What to Expect in a VC Project

I got a couple of requests to write up something similiar to the presentation Steve Silvey and I gave at the Marco Island conference in October 2008. After thinking about it for awhile, I thought what the heck, why not? Granted, there won't be much in the way of readership here in CWG land, but you just never know where it will end up..

Class Inheritance won't make you Rich

You've been wondering about "Class Inheritance." You might have heard that product modeling is a lot like Object-oriented Programming, and you know that in OO Programming you can do all sorts of things with "Classes." Here you'll get an in-depth look into the uses of Class Inheritance in product models in the VC - a gem of an article, spiced up unmistakably, in our favorite Variant Configurator Editor's saucy writing style. Steve Schneider, Aug. 24, 2005

But you should invest in it anyway!

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GUI scripting with MS Excel

GUI Scripting With MSExcel

Are you finding your wrists getting weak after entering the same data over and over again? Does your company ever have a situation where a user wanted a simple method to enter different data into the same field for multiple materials? For those times when MM17 just doesn't work SAP has a FREE solution. The best part is that this solution can be extended to automate data entry into almost ANY screen, or combination of screens.

Implementing variant functions in Java for IPC 5.0 (AP 7.00)

In this article we will give a short summary of the changes and what you need to do to implement your variant function with this new technology

By Marek Duda, Sybit GmbH

Implementing variant functions in Java for IPC 5.0 (AP 7.00)

First of all I have to highlight that SAP contributed to the CWG a presentation and created a really comprehensive note which covers most questions regarding this issue:

Restricting Characteristic Domains

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Not believing it, the modeler finds that, yes, it really does work. Trying to explain it to a coworker quickly gets both modelers into thinking the discussion should be over a bottle of beer, or maybe even over many bottles of beer, especially when Marketing changes their mind... Oh, they never do that??